Over the past few years, I thought about the many phenomenal women that I know who have experienced so many hardships, faced so many difficulties, endured so many tragedies and yet they kept working, kept striving, kept uplifting others despite their pain. Knowing that most of these women were never acknowledged for their achievements saddened me. That sadness motivated me to create The Beyond Beautiful World Pageant. 


I am a Chicago native, having attended Thomas Hoyne, Edward Blyden & Arthur Dixon elementary schools and graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. My B.S. in Psychology & Rhetoric was earned at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I also pledged Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. of which I am a life member and an active member of Eta Xi Sigma chapter. My career paths are diverse-a real estate broker in Illinois & Indiana (The Divergent Diva of Real Estate), CEO of A Peculiar Treasure, LLC, a Cook County Adult Probation Officer and NATIONAL DIRECTOR OF THE BEYOND BEAUTIFUL WORLD PAGEANT!


Having been raised by parents who believed in giving back, supporting people in need and causes that resonate with me are second nature. I mentor a few young people, support Project Kennedy, donate to the various causes my friends support and financially contribute to the households of people that I know are in need. Reading has been a lifelong passion and I also enjoy boxing, archery & studying the Holy Bible. I am married and have one adult son.


The inaugural Beyond Beautiful World Pageant far exceeded my expectations! Crowning the women who exemplify faith, resilience, courage, beauty & joy and are now Ambassadors of The Beyond Beautiful World Pageant was such an honor! The Beyond Beautiful World Pageant is a celebration of womanhood with Ms Beyond Beautiful World, Ms Ruby, Ms Emerald, Ms Sapphire and, starting in 2022, Ms Diamond being inspirations for other girls and women to keep striving to attain their goals, accomplish their aspirations and turn their dreams into their truths for the betterment of the world.





I am honored and delighted to be Co-Director of The Beyond Beautiful World Pageant, where women are celebrated and empowered, and communities are uplifted. 


I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, graduating from Lindblom Technical High School.  I obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Northern Illinois University, where I pledged the illustrious Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Subsequently, I obtained a Master’s degree in Health Administration from Governors State University and upon moving to Atlanta, GA in 2009, I received a Master’s degree in Social Work from Kennesaw State University with an emphasis in mental health.  I am presently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 


Throughout my more than 25 years in the Social Services profession, I have acquired experience in leadership, management, marketing, development, branding, and community outreach/event planning, where I have built and maintained collaborative relationships among non-profit organizations and government entities.


Currently, I am the proud founder and CEO of Golden Day Counseling and Consulting, LLC, where our mission is to provide therapeutic services and tools to empower and strengthen individuals, couples, families, and communities with the goal of building resiliency. Starting my own practice has been a passion of mine and I am excited to empower people to live not just their best life, but their Golden life.


I enjoy conducting self-care activities, reading fiction/mystery novels, watching documentaries and mindless television, and spending time with family. 

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Cortnee Rene Gutierrez has coined herself the "Confidence Pioneer", trailblazing ways for girls and women to have a better self-awareness of confidence themselves. Her organizations, Miss Too Cute Pageant & Workshops and Confidently Cortnee G. have made paths for the female to develop, improve, and declare Royal Confidence with results! Her life experiences of pageantry confidence vacillation, and the birth of her daughter Xena pushed her to understand that Confidence leads the way to our decision- making, positive or negative. Her belief is that a Confident woman

creates confident generations, leading to a better world.


Cortnee is the premiere confidence consultant of Confidently Cortnee G. In this role she holds the responsibility of training her clients with her proclaimed Confidence Curriculum. This allows her to coach and intimately train female-based organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals so that they reach an undeniable level of self-confidence to better fulfill their projected dreams and goals. Cortnee Gutierrez is the Creator and National Executive Director of the Miss Too Cute Pageant & Workshops. It is a platform for melanin girls ages 1-16 that highlights pageantry and self-development, utilizing the organization's pillars: confidence, etiquette, presence, charity, and empowerment. No stranger to pageantry, she is most humble about her reign as the 2013 Miss Black Illinois USA. Being a titleholder gives her the edge to provide "the pageant experience" for every ultimate girly girl. Her modeling and runway coaching has been sought after by flagship pageant participants and have led her to having titleholders under her tutelage. 


Cortnee has a Master of Public Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago. She received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Germanic Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. At the university she became a member of sassy sophisticated sorority of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated and is a now a member of the Eta Xi Sigma Alunmae Chapter of Oak Lawn, Illinois. Her goal in life is to influence people to walk, talk, and BE confident in their God-given identities. Cortnee is a believer of Jesus Christ, the wife to Jose, and the mother of three confident children. In her free time you can find Cortnee sitting in peace and quiet.